Quiz – British Airways

Ten questions about British Airways: its slogan, its signature song, its upcoming route, its Concorde service, etc.

British Airways tailfin
Image via Wikipedia
  1. What is British Airways’ slogan since 2007?
    A. “We’ll Take More Care of You”
    B. “The World’s Favourite Airline”
    C. “Upgrade to British Airways”
    D. “Your Vacation Starts Here”
  2. Which song from the opera Lakmé, and also known as The Flower Duet, was for many years BA’s signature song, being featured on many TV commercials?
    A. Viens, Mallika, les lianes en fleurs…
    B. Viens dans la forêt profonde
    C. Viens! Là! Là!
    D. D’où viens-tu? Que veux-tu?
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