Aeroflot – Smile

This ad campaign was made after Aeroflot adopted its latest corporate image with the slogan “Sincerely yours, Aeroflot”, a refreshed color scheme, logo, uniforms, etc. A traveller arrives in a new city and discovers that the world around him has a very friendly face. Continue reading “Aeroflot – Smile”

MEA – “When you’re smiling…”

Let’s go to the Middle East for a change. This MEA (Middle East Airlines) commercial shows images of grumpy passengers becoming happy passengers, thanks to a caring cabin and flight crew, either in the air or on the ground. The background music has been perfectly chosen: Louis Armstrong’s “When you’re smiling…” Soothing images, with just enough words at the end (“For better or for worse, for 50 years”) because an image is worth 1000 words. MEA understood that perfectly.