Beware of “win free tickets” promotions!

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“Win 2 free tickets to anywhere (insert airline name) flies to”. You may have seen this on Facebook or other social media. You may have even received such invitations from your friends. Too good to be true? Indeed. Other than through frequent-flyer programs, occasional bona fide promotions or denied boarding compensation, airlines don’t usually give free tickets, much less go on a giveaway spree.

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Southwest Airlines intends to acquire AirTran

Landing, Las Vegas.
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Wow… Perhaps I haven’t followed current events in aviation for a while but Southwest’s announcement that they are buying AirTran really took me by surprise!

Airline acquisitions are always interesting to watch. Mismatched fleets and interim color schemes, out-of-whack flight numbers and airline designators, airport signage quickly covered, labour troubles, seniority pet peeves, clash of the corporate cultures… Continue reading “Southwest Airlines intends to acquire AirTran”

Southwest Airlines – Stakeout

At first, I thought this was an ad to express indignation about baggage handlers throwing suitcases… but no, it’s about airlines charging for checked luggage and “getting away with it”. Enter the bag cops, taking pictures as evidence! Continue reading “Southwest Airlines – Stakeout”

Guess The Airline – January 2002 answer

Every month, an airline printed advertisement, minus airline name and logo, is displayed for your guessing pleasure on Guess The Airline. The following is the answer to a previous game.

A surprisingly high number of people Guessed The Airline this month. Particularly when this webmaster forgot to erase the name of the airline at a crucial place for the first two days! Ready? Scroll down! This was an ad published in a 2000s issue of this airline’s inflight magazine.

Southwest Airlines advertisement, titled: 'Work at a place where wearing pants is optional', from the 200s, featuring a waist-down picture of a flight attendant wearing bermuda shorts and serving drinks.

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