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Lost and found commercials since the 1970s

Two weeks ago, KLM launched a viral video to promote their Lost and Found service. Here it is, ICYMI. But did you know that this is hardly a new concept? Here are three commercials from the 1970s and 1980s.

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United Airlines – Flyer Friendly

Yup, United has resurrected the “Fly the Friendly Skies” tagline, 2013 style, and built a whole ad campaign around the world “friendly”.

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United Airlines – Christmas commercial

Very simple and straight to the point. The moment “Jingle Bells” starts playing, you know this is a Christmas commercial. The only thing you don’t know is that this is an airline commercial!

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The beginning of the end already? (United and Continental)

All over Twitter, people are already saying goodbye to Continental Airlines. But wait… October 1, 2010 is just the date the merger officially closes, no? It’s just a date when the transaction takes place, right? The integration process of two

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United Airlines – Speech commercial

In a conference room, a manager announces they have just lost a major long-time client, one too many. It’s time for a “face-to-face” policy, in other words, not just call the customer, but also meet him. He starts handing out

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