Airline television commercials

Loewe Calida 5672
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Enjoy some of the best airline television commercials from around the world and from around the web. There are over 130 videos, ranging from the 1970s to nowadays.


4 thoughts on “Airline television commercials”

  1. What happened to the Eastern Airlines advertisements narrated by Alexander Scourby? There was one where a man goes back home to Puerto Rico and Scourby very touchingly tells the story of his life.

  2. Hi! Can you help me? I saw an airline commercial almost a decade ago where people look up and say a line of a poem as the airplane flew by. I think one of the last lines said was “where the sleep of the innocent…” bluh bluh bluh…It was so poetic but I couldn’t remember what airline it was because I only saw it once. Thanks!

  3. Hi, I hope you can help me. I’m looking for a TVC that the people on the ground are looking up at the sky or looking up and seeing a plane. I thought it was a Aer Lingus TVC but i think i was wrong. Hope you can Help. Thanks

    1. @Steve: There must be tons of airline commercials that fit that description 🙂 Would you happen to have more information about it? Have you tried searching for Aer Lingus commercials elsewhere on the Internet?

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