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Meals on sun destination flights: an endangered species (4/4/2014) - Nowadays, the only way you can get a meal on a flight under 5 1/2 hours is either to upgrade to Club Class or Business Class, to buy on board... or to fly one of the few airlines that still offers free meals.

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Inflight passenger announcements
What do flight attendants say before take-off, after landing and in between? Get scripts inspired by real announcements on real flights. More…


Aviation quizzes
These quizzes will challenge you, teach you, but above all, entertain you. More…

Air disaster movie reviews
They’re not just movie reviews. They’re air disaster movie reviews! In full detail and with pictures. More…

Guess The Airline (advertisement archives)
Once a fun monthly challenge, Guess The Airline has become a virtual gallery of over 160 airline printed advertisements. More…

Airline television commercials
Over 130 airline television commercials from around the world and around the web, for your viewing pleasure. More…

airodyssey.net is a website dedicated to commercial aviation since 1998. Its author is an aviation enthusiast from Canada. More…

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