Quiz – Northwest Airlines

Airbus A330, a new aircraft introduced in 1994

Image via Wikipedia

  1. When did Northwest Airlines adopt its final logo, consisting of a compass and the letters “nwa”?
    A. 1986
    B. 1989
    C. 2003
    D. 2008
  2. Northwest Orient Airlines became Northwest Airlines in 1986, reverting to its original name. This change coincided with a major event for the airline. Which one?
    A. 50th anniversary
    B. Merger with Republic Airlines
    C. Inaugural flight to China
    D. Initial public offering
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Quiz – Lufthansa

Lufthansa A340 D-AIGX

Image by caribb via Flickr

  1. What is the meaning of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the full name of the airline?
    A. German air lines, publicly traded company
    B. German air alliance, publicly traded company
    C. German air travel, publicly traded company
    D. German air network, publicly traded company
  2. Which bird is part of Lufthansa’s logo since 1926?
    A. Swan
    B. Stork
    C. Pelican
    D. Crane
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